Marooned Fishing Company

Fashion Apparel & Custom Fishing Rods

Sometimes, the world can make you just want to get marooned on a remote island, become a castaway, and well - cast away. We invite you to do just that, or at least a close proximity to that.

Our apparel is designed for people who don't mind getting dirty, but still want to look good.  No more thick boxy shirts that feel like you're wearing your mother's window curtains on your back.  With a focus on comfort and style, we offer only top quality tri-blend and 100% ring-spun cotton shirts. Soft and flexible so when you set your hook, you won't be held back by what you're wearing.  Plus you'll look great!!  After all, just because you might smell like bait, doesn't mean you can't still look like a catch!

COMING SOON... Marooned Fishing Custom Fishing Rods. With our custom fishing rods, you'll have a distinct rod to fit your personality that looks good and feels right. Since we use only the best components, you should almost never miss a bite, unless you're busy reaching for your beer.

We have three levels from which to choose.

So browse our catalog, grab a shirt, a pole, and cast away!

Fish on, my friends.

Fish on!